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Sleeper Bed & Compost Bay Construction

Transform your garden into a self-sufficient haven with sleeper beds and compost bays. Growing your own vegetables and recycling your green waste and food waste has never been easier or more rewarding. 

Discover the benefits of sustainable living and enjoy fresh produce straight from your garden. Installing sleeper beds & compost bays is a great way to start your self-sufficiency journey, and it also adds a great feature to your garden.

Why become self-sufficient?

  • You can enjoy fresh and wholesome food daily, which is higher in nutrients and more flavourful

  • Reduced food waste and grocery bill

  • Pesticides free vegetables

  • Gardening is great way to combat stress and anxiety, increase wellbeing

  • Recycling your waste not only provides your garden with valuable nutrients, it also saves you an annual cost on your green waste

Compost Bay Construction

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